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Me In My Place Dance Off Submission #12

Hiiiiii! I’m Jaclyn from Eastern PA and a huuugeee fan of MIMP! I’ve always been a fan of dancing around my apartment in my undies… I mean what girl isn’t?! You’re just free and don’t have to worry about any imperfections you may have. Just you, some good music and your undies! Being photographed for MIMP is on my bucket list… so let’s make it happen ;)

The song I’m jammin to is ‘Hey Mama’ by Mat Kearney.

Me In My Place Dance Off Submission #9

All right then, its been awhile since we’ve had a submission, but better late than never…  Hope this inspires some of you out there…  I know there were a few promises made to send in submission…  Ladies…

I am a 23 year old photographer from Oakland, CA! This is me, in my apt, dancin’ away. I submitted when I first got into my new place, because I love it so much that I’d love to be photographed in it! Hopefully one day! Proud Real Girl, trying to flaunt my no rhythm style. I’m definitely the whitest-no dance moves-Mexican I know. All in good fun!

The song is Breathe In, by Braid.

Me In My Place Dance Off Submission #8

This one comes in all the way from Austin Texas…  They seem to know how to dance down there…

My name is Hattie Watson. Traveler, model, food blogger.  I am currently located in Austin, Texas but travel all the time. I’ve always seen the site and multiple people have mentioned working together with you.  I really like the idea of it.  It’s cute, fun and real.”


Me In My Place Dance Off Submission #6

I live in an apartment in Chicago, and recorded this in my living room this morning before work.  The song is Osaka Aquabus by the Space Twins—a Weezer side project from the 90s.  I dance at home all the time, but don’t usually record it.  I am considering doing a booty-shaking hip-hop song next.  Thanks for the fun!  


Don’t miss out…  Let’s see what you got out there…  Let’s dance…