Me In My Place ® - beautiful women at home

Real girls in their own place.
Not too crazy and just a pinch of naughty...

Real girls in their own place.  Not too crazy and just a pinch of naughty…

-Photography by ME.  I’ve been an established magazine and advertising photographer here in NYC for many years now.  I’ve started this project to celebrate the authentic beauty of every day women in the comfort of their own home.  

By creating evocative and alluring portraits of women with body types that have traditionally been left out of mainstream media, MeInMyPlace is redefining a genre that has been over-run with unrealistic expectations of what it means to be beautiful.  With full acceptance of the “male gaze”, the images promote not just acceptance, but also an aspirational message.  In the vernacular… “Work it girl!” 

The site has been a big hit so far, pushing up against the 5 million page views per month mark and growing.  I receive countless emails from both men and women, thanking me for the project and praising it’s message.  I’ve teamed up with Esquire Magazine to put celebrities and everyday women side by side on the site, driving home the message that all women can be beautiful, not just the famous ones…

A big big thanks to:

-All of the women who have had the courage to pose for the site.  Each and every one took a chance and stepped outside her comfort zone to show the world that they are confident about the way they look and feel in their own place.  Without them, this site would not exist, and the message would be lost.  You all have millions of fans out there, but I’m officially your biggest fan.  Thank you.

-Logo design by Diana Keh.  See more of her work here.

-Illustrations by Jovo Ve.  A Graphic Designer born in Macedonia, currently active in Sweden/Japan.  He recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication from Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Sweden and resides in Stockholm.  See more of his work here: paintednumbers.tumblr.com and here: cargocollective.com/no9

- MIMP interviews written by Falene Nurse. Originally from the UK she’s a freelance writer who specializes in online aliases and entertainment articles. Over the past 8 years she’s worked as a a freelance copywriter, both in LA and NYC. The Daily Beast’s Louise Rouge once described her as having the “pop culture acumen of a Nick Hornby character”. Named after a Disney character her published work, advertising folio and random comments can be found on falenewriteswords.com

-Andy Orin (Andy the Intern) is a screenwriter and online media producer who has worked with television stations and internet startups after studying literature at Stanford University, Oxford University, and film at the Academy of Art University. He lives and works in Los Angeles and can be reached at cocopunk.com.