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Me In My Place Dance Off Submission #20

I love tumblr and have been using it for years, and only recently found Me in My Place and I LOVE it. It’s so refreshing to see real girls like me on the site. I decided to submit this video because not only do I love the site, but I also just had to break off an engagement because the guy I was with couldn’t handle the commitment. This video was taken in my bedroom a few days ago, and it’s to show my ex-fiance how much of an idiot he is, and exactly what he’ll be missing out on from now on! 

xoxo, Jenny

Me In My Place Dance Off Submission #19

Mr. Photographer,

It’s Angelica, again. Are you sick of me yet? After a little encouragement from Marcelle and a future MIMP girl, I’ve decided to give this whole being comfortable with my body thing another go. It’s short. It’s silly. And it’s dedicate to anyone who has ever felt unattractive and/or not good enough. 

Talk soon?

.PS. Be on the lookout for that resume of mine! 

Thanks Angelica…  Love the video…  Let’s leave it up here this time and let everyone see your radiance…  -ME

Me In My Place Dance Off Submission #15

Hi! My name is Robin, I’m 23, from Louisiana and a huge fan of the site! So much that I tell all my guy friends about it. They think it’s a bit weird coming from me, but I’m all about celebrating and appreciating the female body and your work exudes that. I’m a student and aspiring fitness model among other things :) If you ever pass through Louisiana, come by and holla ya hear!?

Me In My Place Dance Off Submission #14

Hello Mr. Photographer. It’s Angelica coming to you from my bedroom in Minneapolis. I’m twenty-two and think there’s nothing sexier than being 100% yourself. It just so happens I’m most myself when getting down to Madonna in my undies! Keep up the beautiful work and if you ever find yourself in the Twin Cities, Me and My Place would love to have you over.

much love & respect,

Angelica (@angelicAbomb)