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A nice email from a reader…

"I’ve been a subscriber for well over a year now and I’ve seen tons of girls and sets on the MIMP app. That being said, Candice is simply the best. I’ve never seen a woman so perfect or a set of photographs that captured her magic so perfectly. She is single-handedly the reason why I joined MIMP initially and I’ve waited for months to see her second shoot and it has not disappointed one single bit. I will certainly keep MIMP’ing but please give me more Candice!!!"

Come see what you’re missing of Candice on the MIMP MOBILE WEB APP…  you can thank me later when you find out she seems to have lost all her clothing…

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  2. trinilikesalt said: I concur. Candice is incredible. Here AND in the app (yes, I’m a subscriber - worth every penny). I’m floored by Candice. More?
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