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Oh hey night owls…Remember this cutie? Blast from the past with this set as part of a collaboration, Amanda Jas (@hokaytokay) shoots Jillian for Me In My Place

You can also see more Jillian HERE, but your best bet is to see all her sets, and exclusive never before posted photos, on the app HERE.


So… what’s it like to get jeans painted on you?

I never thought that’d be something I dealt with in my early twenties, but I’m kind of okay with it. I’d say it’s fun, tiring, and messy. If you ever go about full body paint for yourself… I’d recommend limiting your drinking and eating as much as possible to avoid (in my case, blue,) toilet seats. I’d also make sure you’re ready for quite a bit of standing… unless you’re ready to leave your “mark”.
Otherwise, I had a blast. One day, when I’m old and grey, I’ll sit with my grandchildren and show them the time I strutted around the set of the Today Show in my jimmies and blue paint. 
Does that make me a cool granny or a creepy one?