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By creating evocative and alluring portraits of women with body types that have traditionally been left out of mainstream media, Me In My Place is redefining a genre that has been over-run with unrealistic expectations of what it means to be beautiful.  With full acceptance of the “male gaze”, the images promote not just acceptance, but also an aspirational message about everyday appeal.  The project is a celebration and is meant to be fun and open to all.

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A Little Bit Moore.

A Little Bit Moore. 

Photographs and Interview by Falene Nurse for Me In My Place

Jackie Moore is one part Sandra Bullock, one part Claire Danes and a whole lot of frenetic energy. Although she looks like she may have stepped out of a Sports Illustrated magazine, don’t let her looks fool you. This is not your girly girl who remains poised and pouty even when the cameras aren’t rolling. When she talks her voice is surprising low in tone, her conversations inflected with wisecracks and nerdy pop culture references. Once you spend some time with Jackie you realize quickly she’s less cover girl and more deadhead, a hippy with a heart, who happens to eat A LOT of meat and uses the word “man” like it was 1969. When I arrived she was sipping Tequila and nibbling an extremely large spool of cotton candy. Sugar and alcohol, a girl after my own heart. 

Falene Nurse: So you are an up and coming actress, you have modeled professionally, what would you say to those that say “I thought the site was meant for real women?”

Obviously you are a real person, or are you? 

Jackie Moore: Yes I am, I do exist in real life, I’m not an alien.

Falene Nurse: You know what I mean though.  What’s the biggest difference between shooting with MIMP and say a magazine, or lingerie shoots you have done before?

Jackie Moore: Sure I get it. Well it’s in your own home to start with, you know there’s not a lot of fancy lighting, no make up artist, I chose what undies I wore, no crazy retouching. 

Falene Nurse: No retouching, I didn’t know that?

Jackie Moore: Oh yeah, your ass is what it is lol. Pimples or stretch marks be damned. So it was like no other shoot I had ever done before - literally, a weird rites of passage for me almost. And honestly it’s hard to explain if you haven’t tried it, but it’s freeing to embrace who you are “as” you are. It’s a beautiful thing. And trust me I looked at all the pics of all the girls and wish I had some shots like they had, regardless of whether I had modeled before or not. There’s a sexiness in each girls’ shoot and in very different ways. The problem is that I think people put this idea in their head that they have to look a certain way or be a certain size, they don’t realize - especially in a photo - when you are being your real self there isn’t anything sexier. Fashion tries to recreate “real sexiness.” You being you is the hottest thing EVER. When I look at the MIMP girls on the site, it proves I’m right every time.

FN: There’s also the cool factor that is becoming synonymous with the site. I actually experienced that the other day, but by accident. This photographer I met recently thought I had taken the pictures of you all in your underwear and she was so impressed, posting on FB and praising me and the images. It was so disappointing when I had to tell her that I didn’t take them.  

JM: Oh no lol.

FN: OK let’s get random. If you were a chocolate what would you be and why? 

(*BTW this question was suggested by my good friend and Vintage Queen - Angela “darling” Prior)

JM: If I was a chocolate, I’d be milk chocolate, creamy and smooth baby. I wouldn’t be as strong a flavor as dark chocolate. 

FN: A fan, Coco Suzy wants to know have you ever kissed a girl?

JM: I’ve kissed many girls. Sorry mom.

FN: Are you a dater or do you prefer long term relationships?

JM: I go through phases, I like the comfort and stability of a long term relationship but the romantic in me is always looking for something. Where you don’t want to be with anyone else, but that one person. 

FN: I’ve only ever felt that way about my pets. I guess I’m not a people person. 

JM: Do you have a pet now?

FN: Yes a cat.

JM: Do you feel like that about her?

FN: I do.

JM: Can I borrow your cat lol?

FN: Yes, yes you can.

A certain intern wants to know, what kind of guys do you like?

JM: A sense of humor is a plus.

FN: What was the longest time you went without sex and may I ask why? 

JM: I decided that I wanted to try celibacy and went without sex for about a year, maybe a little bit more. 

The Bartender (Mr Kurtis): How did that work out?

FN: Thank you, yes, how did that work out?

JM: That worked out just fine, I was actually very good. Then after that I ended up in a long term relationship and we were super serious way too fast, and I was still young and he was ready to get married. 

FN: Oh dear.

JM: I just knew it wasn’t the right thing for me at that time. I was too young. 

FN: 3 fave types of food?

JM: Taylor Ham is my number one.

FN: What?

JM: Taylor Ham Egg n’ Cheese, but I can explain that in more detail later. It’s a Jersey thing. 

Is this a special food from Dr Zeus I wonder? I’m intrigued. 

JM: Sushi and any type of Thai food. Room Service in NY is the best! Good, good food in New York. 

FN: Speaking of delicious morsels, do you have a particular taste in men?

JM: I do love a sense of humor, good chemistry is also a must. 

FN: Looks wise, if you could use a well known person as an example. 

JM: Maybe a Jake Gyllenhaal type. Yet the people I actually fell in love with don’t really look like him. 

FN: Well who does, really?

JM: So I guess I don’t have a type after all, honestly I think it’s all based on an unexplainable chemistry you feel with someone. 

FN: The last joke that made you laugh, can you remember?

JM: A blonde is at the Dr’s office and the Dr says “well, you are definitely pregnant” and the blonde looks shocked and says, “OMG is it mine?” (I laughed, that was a good one)

FN: Do blondes have more fun?

JM: Well I have fun everyday so, lol. I love life man. I’m a die hard New Yorker and yet I love it out here. 

FN: Do you think that you will go back eventually?

JM: I dunno, my family is back East and I keep saying I will head back some time - but I really like it here. Trust me I love New York, I LOVE the culture, I love the people, New York will always have my heart. So many special memories and it was one of the most beautiful times in my life, but there were so many things that I experienced and maybe a few that I was holding on to. Things that I had to let go, that kept me there, it was time for a change. I kept saying for almost a year, then I did it and now I’m here. I’m staying in the hotel just across the street actually. 

FN: You mean you literally got here this week?

JM: Pretty much (she explains in a nonchalant manner.) I guess that’s why this kid decided I needed such a strong drink huh? 

FN: Let’s move your bucket of Patrón over there, while I plug in.

JM: I wonder what it was about me that made the bartender think “that girl needs to be drunk as a skunk?”

FN: Your striking good looks lol. 

JM: Be careful when you shoot him next to me, I look like Casper the ghost. I’m actually Native American, but I’m so pale. 

FN: You are? 

JM: Yep on my dad’s side, almost enough to get free college. I’m Lenni-Lenape.

FN: Wow.

JM: Hey, where’s my cotton candy?

I snap some pictures of her and Mr. Kurtis. He’s closing out and sitting down - with us.

JM: He’s a native Angeleno you know, he was born here. In the saddle ranch no less. 

FN: Right over there on that little pony. 

Mr. Kurtis: You haven’t made a dent in your drink.

JM: That’s because it’s pure tequila and I’m extremely frightened of it. 

Mr Kurtis: Do you want me to put some more juice in it?

FN: Ah our little Kurtis, bless. 

JM: You’re the best, thanks. That’s a scary drink. OK lets see what this is like. Strong, but better. 

FN: Your face definitely says better lol. 

JM: No it’s good, like a tropical margarita. It’s good.

Jackie has a unique way of making people around her feel like old friends. If you walked into this bar you would think the three of us go way back, instead of strangers who met only a few minutes ago. I ask her to pull that “better” face again and discover that Jackie has an incredibly long tongue. I need to record that tongue for prosperity, I’m very impressed by it - as is Mr. Kurtis. Then without warning, like a magician on stage, Ms Moore starts to conjure up a party trick. It involves a cherry, a cherry stem and some intense concentration on her part and - Vwoohlah! The knot is tied! And Mr. Kurtis has officially fallen in love. 

JM: I’m really excited for the chicken and biscuits. I’m hungry. 

Mr Kurtis: Ah yeah your food (Kurtis starts giggling slightly.

FN: You did order the food?

Mr Kurtis assures us that the food was ordered, but I fear a certain exotic young blonde may have distracted him from the task. As he slips back behind the bar to “check” I’m sure I’m right. 

JM: I’m gonna make you go cook us some food man! 

FN: He totally forgot, I knew it!!

Mr Kurtis: No, no, I was just checking the order. I swear I didn’t forget. 

 But those smizing eyes tell a very different story.

JM: Doesn’t he seem like a bag of trouble?

At what point a fresh faced barback enters the milieu, with a black bandana and flushed cheeks. He has sort of an Abercrombie & Finch gang banger look going on. Between Jackie, the barback and Mr. Kurtis I feel like the red headed second cousin. Sometimes you forget how many attractive people can congregate in such a small vicinity on Sunset Boulevard. 

JM: There is a hella lot of Fedora’s in this establishment!

FN: And bandanas. 

My Bloody Mary is starting to kick in a little and now Jackie has made a dent. I think we shall be partners in crime with a few more of these. Without reason we decide to tease the barback for his fresh, wholesome, boy next door appeal. He could easily pass for someone who lived on Dawson’s Creek.

FN: Why is your barback 12?

JM: And a teenage mutant ninja turtle? 

FN: No, I see a very safe, young, caucasian member of a South Central gang. 

The barback, Austin, is very good humored about the whole thing. 

JM: The Gap version of The Jets. Crazy. Cool. Hip (she starts clicking her fingers.)

FN: I’m sorry we’re just teasing you. I’m actually jealous ‘cause your skin is so poreless. 

JM: Where do I get a ninja bandana?

Next to all our noise is the silent and serious Brandon, Cuba Gooding Jnr with blue eyes. I’m sure he thinks we are all idiots as he types enthusiastically on his computer and occasionally makes business phone calls. At this point the unexpected occurs. 

JM: I want to go on the mechanical bull right now!

FN: How many of those cocktails did you have before I got here. You are very brave, would you really?

JM: Hell yeah! I sure don’t want to do it after I eat. 

FN: Oh crap there’s the food. 

The food arrives - and it is good. We chow down and chat about love. 

FN: Well you are certainly the first model I’ve met that genuinely loves food and a full plate. 

JM: Are you kidding, I love food. I would bite your hand off if you tried to take my food. I grew up in New Jersey originally, anyone who grew up there knows about Taylor Ham Egg n’ Cheese(*ah the Dr Zeus food),  it’s a gift from God! I would tour every deli and diner and take a picture of every Taylor Ham Egg n’ Cheese I’ve had. Which I usually get with a Nesquik and Lays chips. It’s my thing and no one can take it away from me. 

FN: What was the last great date you went on?

JM: God I’ve been on a lot dates, does that sound bad?

FN: Nope.

JM: I don’t really remember.

FN: A lot of dates, but not a lot of good ones maybe?

JM: I guess I’m a hopeless romantic too, I wish I wasn’t - but I am. 

FN: Why do you think that?

JM: When I do fall in love, it’s almost as if I lose myself. I feel like that it’s rare and the whole idea is so mysterious. Even scientists can’t completely explain what makes two humans compatible. Or why humans try to mate for life. 

FN: Some humans. 

JM: The chemical reaction aside, there are still some things that can’t be explained. I think that’s what makes it kind of magical. Which is funny, because the long term relationships I’ve had, they usually turn into my friends.

FN: Is that a good thing?

JM: It’s good but then when I do fall in love, its almost as if I lose myself. It kinda takes away who I am. I don’t think that is necessarily healthy. I remember my first real boyfriend in high school, first love, first everything - for him too. I mean he got my name tattooed on his heart. 

FN: And you are still friends?

JM: We are, but whatever we had between us we were so young, so it’s like the ghost of something. You know what I mean, it doesn’t exist anymore. 

FN: So you aren’t besties now?

JM: No, I think it’s hard to be “close” friends with someone after you fell hard for them. It’s near impossible. Friends yes, but not best buds. 

The Lady Barkeep asks if we want more drinks, not really the best idea to get hammered at lunch, although I am tempted.

FN: I’m ok, water would be fine.

JM: Yeah I’m still working on my midday Patrón here. 

FN: With your “jug” of Tequila, you should be alright for a while. 

JM: I feel more relaxed in the sun. Usually I’ve always had a lot of anxiety in the past, I actually had to treat it at one point. I’m very open about that though, I’m pretty much an open book. I live a little too much in my head. 

FN: I find I was more nervous in England then here, but that wasn’t the weather that was fear based. 

JM: In what way?

FN: Well let’s just say back then in the UK, it wasn’t as culturally diverse as it is now. I mean one time I actually got chased by skinheads, that was frightening. 

JM: My God, that’s terrible.

FN: Well it’s definitely not how I wanted to spend my Wednesday night I can tell you lol. 

JM: I don’t even know how to react to that. That blows my mind! I can’t imagine. So then you came to the US?

FN: Which may seem weird, but I din’t find America generally as violent as England. 

JM: That surprises me. People shoot each other here sometimes over nothing. 

FN: Yeah they want to kill you here, but in England they want to hurt you. 

JM: Emotionally?

FN: No they want to do you physical harm, cause damage, maim. 

JM: Wow that’s like torture porn!

FN: We can be a bloodthirsty, cruel people, us Brits. 

JM: You make me not want to visit there again.

FN: No you would be fine, it’s completely different now. More or less. 

JM: When I was there think I avoided all that, I remember I saw the play “We Will Rock You” in London. I found it kind of a ghostly place. I was so sure my hotel room was haunted I ordered tea at 3am and asked the room service waiter to sit with me for 5 minutes because I was scared. That and gloomy weather. I remember that gloomy weather.

FN: Well I’m certainly not gonna be asked to be the ambassador for British tourism any time soon. 

JM: But the weather IS so bad! The weather in LA, I feel like I’m on vacation every day! Even if you are  bit down and then the sun is up, it’s like c’mon cheer up buttercup!

FN: Exactly. So you do you still miss NYC, I think I’ve already established that.

JM: I do, but more so I really miss the people. But I love LA and that surprised me.

Woo Hoo!!! Ride that Bull man! (She’s very excited as the machine starts up and whirling around)

I’m getting’ on that thing.

A brave barfly has taken to the mechanical bovine and it doesn’t look safe at all. 

FN: Even after you have eaten?

JM: I’m good. I’m gonna do it.

FN: That’s kind of terrifying, ouch. 

The bull operator doesn’t go easy on him either. The guy falls hard, head first into the mat. Mr Kurtis explains that legal disclaimers have to be signed prior to anyone being allowed on, the Lady Barkeep recounts the tale of 2 porn actresses who decided to get topless and get on the bull. On a Sunday afternoon, when it’s packed with families. When one girl finally fell, she landed mouth first into her buddies crotch and proceeded to have her own lunch special. They were kicked out shortly after that. The manager explains that the mat is  brand new and the bull has been cleaned since the incident.  Once he reassured me that there was no porn star residue left behind, I began to encourage Jackie to get on board. 

JM: When I was here last time they made it vibrate A LOT, probably because there was a girl on there. She looked like she enjoyed it. 

FN: Well I imagine she did, probably more than she intended to. 

JM: I’m going on it NOW!

And she did. 

Special thanks to Mr Kurtis, Silent Brandon, The Lady Barkeep and Austin the Original Gangsta for being such good sports and everyone else at The Saddle Ranch who allowed my interview to be so visually spectacular.

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Well Jackie, the time has come…  You have certainly been popular on the site, and I know I’m going to get a few notes of disappointment that your time on the site has come to an end, but we’ve always got to make a little room for the next member of meinmyplace…
Who knows, if we are lucky we can find a way for Jackie to have a little home carved out on the site…  Let her know what you would like to see and I’ll talk to her about it :-)

Well Jackie, the time has come…  You have certainly been popular on the site, and I know I’m going to get a few notes of disappointment that your time on the site has come to an end, but we’ve always got to make a little room for the next member of meinmyplace

Who knows, if we are lucky we can find a way for Jackie to have a little home carved out on the site…  Let her know what you would like to see and I’ll talk to her about it :-)