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Real women in their own place.  Not too crazy and just a pinch of naughty…

By creating evocative and alluring portraits of women with body types that have traditionally been left out of mainstream media, Me In My Place is redefining a genre that has been over-run with unrealistic expectations of what it means to be beautiful.  With full acceptance of the “male gaze”, the images promote not just acceptance, but also an aspirational message about everyday appeal.  The project is a celebration and is meant to be fun and open to all.

In an effort to monetize the project to keep it going, we created a simple mobile web app, more commonly called THE MIMP APP (https://mimp.findrow.com).  This gave fans of the project a simple and inexpensive way to show support.  In exchange, they receive more images, exclusive images that are not on the tumblr, and the ability to quickly view and ‘like’ their favorite content.

The MIMP APP was such a success, we decided there must be other content providers like us who would like to give their fans something extra, so we created FINDROW.  With flexibility that Instagram and Facebook won’t allow, we give our content providers the freedom to express themselves as they see fit… even if that is not always safe for work ;-)  Again, they control their own content and are leading the conversation about how they feel beautiful in the world.  For a complete list of all the Findrow apps, click here.

As part of a continuing series, “Alesha Aquino, Requests Taken”.

A little note from Alesha:
This is “Heart to Tell” by the Love Language, requested by Corey from Raleigh! Sorry for the delay, and I really loved this song by the way. Keep em’ coming!
Oh and p.s. Happy (belated) Valentine’s day everyone, hope you all had some lovin’ :)

Me In My Place Web App - Available now, with exclusive shots of Pisha (and she lost her pants somehow…)



Me In My Place is proud to announce the collaboration between former MIMP beauty Marcelle Pallais and newly discovered musical talent, Vickie Avery.

From Marcelle:

“Me and Vickie Avery found each other on Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s open collaborative production company Hitrecord.Org and now we are going to start making videos together for MIMP. Vickie’s song and voice touches me in the very depths of my soul and I had to make something with her song. I have struggled with anxiety disorder and this song perfectly articulated what its like when you have an attack, but the way I’ve kept myself healthy is to just take it as it comes and breathe and think positively, and it was really cathartic for me to make this video. Now we are going to start making things for you guys… “



Very excited about this.  Marcelle filmed and edited this video of herself and put it to Vickie’s music.  Vickie is a mother of two who has started recording original music and covers from her home in Mississippi…  Can’t wait to see what is next.  Hit them up on the facebook page and let em know what you would love to see/hear…

Me In My Place Web App - Available now

The MeInMyPlace Web App is finally here.  Very excited about this, so help us out and tell a friend, reblog, or talk about it non-stop at dinner like I do…

MIMP WEB APP is HTML5 based so it works on all sorts of smart phones

—Works really well on iphones.  We are working on the little fixes for android, but it does work on those too.

—Really best to view with WiFi…  I mean hey, every picture we’ve ever done plus exclusive app only shots… you’re going to need a good connection.

—Subscription to the MIMP WEB APP is only $10 a year.  That’s right, just 83 cents a month, or if you prefer, just over 2.5 cents a day…  C’mon now, do it for MIMP…  No, do it for Chelsea… :-)

Ok then, I’ve got a little surprise for you…  Big big thanks to meundies.com for bringing Jillian back on to the site for a little visit…  Yes, Jillian…  I know she’s got some crazy fans out there… and well, now she’s got some new underwear :-)

Speaking of new underwear, as a special promotion to Me In My Place fans, MeUndies is offering a $5 off promo if you head over to their site and use the promo code MIMP.  Don’t say I’ve never done anything for ya…  

 As part of an ongoing series, Margot Robbie shot by MeInMyPlace for Esquire Magazine.

But First, a Joke! (Up There…)

Margot Robbie has a wild side. On ABC’s Pan Am, she plays the shy stewardess… the one with the nude photoshoot to be revealed in next week’s episode. When she’s not busy filming in New York, the 21-year-old Australian knows what a good night sounds like: alcohol and Dexys Midnight Runners. “Every time I go to my favorite bar, I end up standing on the table and singing ‘Come On Eileen,’” she says. “Then a security guard comes and pulls me down. It’s a ritual now.” Also something of a ritual these days: female friends of Esquire (she was nice enough to give a tour of our place last year) inviting our photographer friend, Michael Edwards from Me in My Place, over to their places. Suffice it to say Robbie has a wild view. —The Editors

Me In My Place Dance Off Submission #19

Mr. Photographer,

It’s Angelica, again. Are you sick of me yet? After a little encouragement from Marcelle and a future MIMP girl, I’ve decided to give this whole being comfortable with my body thing another go. It’s short. It’s silly. And it’s dedicate to anyone who has ever felt unattractive and/or not good enough. 

Talk soon?

.PS. Be on the lookout for that resume of mine! 

Thanks Angelica…  Love the video…  Let’s leave it up here this time and let everyone see your radiance…  -ME