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All work and no play…is boring, and it looks like all the girls from Selfie Sunday are ready to PLAY.

Labor Day is all about hanging out by the pool, drinking beer, BBQing, and saying goodbye to summer by indulging in some half-naked photos. We even had quite a few MIMP girls get in on the action yesterday.

Well done ladies, and if you were inspired to take more photos today on your day off, or you missed your chance yesterday, GUESS WHAT? We take submissions all week! SUBMIT HERE

Until next week, follow these lovely ladies, and enjoy your holiday….

@katrinaeugenia @domxbomb stoneyxochi @imthemonstermasher @yyyecats @jessadoom @xoclh 

AND… @miss_kaciemarie (top center photo) said that if MIMP fans can get her Instagram profile to 10K, then she will do a super sexy Day With Me set, so if you can, give that hottie a follow you won’t regret so we can get some NSFW selfies from our own pin-up star…


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