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Lunch with Hattie Watson


Desperately Seeking Hattie


Words by Don Thomas


Pictures by Michael Edwards

Today we have a really, rare treat, an exclusive interview with @Hattie Watson. 

Hattie is an instantly recognized model, whose image is literally flooding the internet right now. If you don’t know who she is, than likely somewhere along the way in your various online interactions, someone you know is a Hattie lover/follower. Or at the very least, has found themselves mesmerized by a random photograph or video that she was featured in. Standing at only 5’3” with her flaming red hair, shapely body, prominent tattoos and usually ‘au naturel’ freckled faceeven amongst the beautiful people in the art crowd, she has no trouble standing out. A fiery walking contradiction, in physical feminine form.



I think that one of the things that is so appealing about you is, that you are comfortable with your body and who you are, which you seem to radiate. Is this something which just naturally comes to you, or did it develop more as your career as a model started to rise?

It definitely came to me, the more I modeled. I was a bit comfortable at first though. I think anyone has to be, in order to even start. Takes a sense of becoming another person to convey an image. I do have my moments where I giggle in a shoot, because I feel silly or feel unlike myself, but then I return back to “being” what I was trying to be.

Where are you originally from?

Originally from Southeast Texas. About 70 miles away from Houston, on the Gulf Coast and Louisiana border.


One of the reasons you got into the modeling in the first place, was you were in need of a creative outlet. How has modeling worked out for you, so far?

It has been a great help! I do want to point my creativeness to a new outlet, but that takes time as well. Modeling is great and I’ve really been enjoying my work as of late. Sometimes, I don’t even recognize myself in the images and I love it. But, it is becoming like any other job and has it’s definite down points. I never planned on making it a full-time thing. It kind of just happened and has gone pretty well. It’s still not at the level I would like, but I would enjoy being a part of something else and do the modeling just for fun. That way I can focus more of my energy on it, and actually produce the work I want to, all the time.

If you no longer modeled and you had your choice of any other creative outlet, what would it be?
Right now, I’m looking into interning for different designers or brands. I would really love to be a part of a team that creates amazing work. I’m not really sure what I would be good at, but I definitely know I can do anything if I set my mind to it. Show me once or twice and I can do it. I just need to make people believe in me.


You obviously have an affection for tattooing your body. What was the first tattoo that you got, and describe your experience the very first time.

My first tattoo were small bats on my stomach, that were soon ruined by an apprentice trying to do backgrounds on them. They just looked liked bruises. My own fault I suppose. So I had to get a cover up, which now is this coffin with bat wings and a night sky behind it. Getting my stomach tattooed was not even remotely fun. It was by far some of the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. Took me 2 years to even finish, because I didn’t want to go back.

Of all the tattoos on your body, what would you say is your personal favorite tattoo?

I love my Tank Girl and my cupcake the best so far. They were my first two arm pieces. Working on making it a full sleeve, but that takes time and money and now I’m even further away from my tattoo artist: Cara Massacre, Austin, Texas.


I also heard that you’re an avid fan of various comic book artwork and particular comic book series. What would you say was your favorite comic book series and why?

"Tank Girl" comics were always my favorite, but never really for the story, just for the art and the idea of it. The story was kind of always lame. I do really like "Walking Dead" and "Crossed" comics though. It’s been a while since I’ve read a comic, with all the traveling. I wish I was more into them again.

Finally, a “Celebrity Room of Death” question, two men enter, one man leaves.” Essentially it’s an almost completely bare room with no windows and only one securely locked door. There is a heavy wooden table. Very basic. Too heavy for only two people to easily manage. Also there are two very basic medium sized stools. Besides that just out of range even if one was standing on one of the stools, is a solitary lit light bulb slightly hanging in the middle of the ceiling. The rules of the game are easy. Door is locked. 24 hours pass. If one of them is not dead. They both are immediately executed.Neil Gaiman and Garth Ennis are inside, what happens and who survives?

Garth Ennis is definitely the one who survives! The door opens to a bloody faced Garth, standing over a faceless dead Neil panting and laughing hysterically.


As always, you can see the rest of Hattie’s images on the MIMP MOBILE WEB APP.  New version out now, with new features and full android access.

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