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Hey there y’all…  I’ve just had a thought…  Let’s push #MIMP on instagram and make it a cool way for all of you MIMPsters out there to show everyone you in your place…

Step 1.  Follow @meinmyplace on instagram, just because it will make my day ;-)

Step 2.  Take a picture of yourself in your place, and remember, not too crazy… just a pinch of naughty… (no nudity please, you pervy pervs out there)

Step 3.  Be sure to ad the hash-tag #MIMP to your image when you post it on instagram or twitter…

Step 4.  Search the hash-tag #MIMP to see all the MIMPsters out there who are playing along…

I think this will be loads and loads of fun, but I’ll need your help out there to make it work.  Please re-blog and tell friends…  world domination to follow ;-)

Keep MIMPing…


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  5. karmarist said: Great idea mate. Potentially you can get people to vote and have a new person each month. Maybe winning a shoot with you? All in all. A fantastic idea mate! Best of luck.