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Too Racy for Tumblr

Hey there readers.  I had a few features up in the Tumblr Directory under Fashion, Health, and Inspiration.  All themes I think meinmyplace touches upon.  Got an email a few hours ago that they pulled my features and said I should post in the erotica catagory.  Not so sure how I feel about this.

Let me know how you feel meinmyplace readers.  If you found meinmyplace through one of the feature posts in the directory, write em a quick note and let em know…

And let me know what you think too.  All 12,000+ of ya ;-)

I’m a little hurt by this, not going to lie to ya…

PS.  Reblog this.  Get the question out there.  The responses have been interesting so far.  I am welcoming all opinions on this.  Imagine if meinmyplace could not be on tumblr anymore :-(

PSS.  Tell a friend folks, or the message won’t get out…

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    too racy for tumblr...these gifs of asses? tits every tuesday? thighs
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  6. notsoposi said: Maybe you don’t necessarily belong in erotica, but I think you belong there more so than in fashion or health. You are definitely an inspiration, but this is photography above all else.
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    This blog is beautiful. Everyone should support this.
  8. itsthuyvan said: definately does not belong in EROTICA
  9. leftylucie said: how do we email them?
  10. dreamingofbliss said: I am actually emailing, not just tumblr sending, people I know about your site. Don’t worry, your fans will stand behind you. It is just the haters.
  11. danielpagan said: Roy Stuart = ‘glamorous’ erotic/pornographic photography. See his work for obvious dissimilarities. Although both are works of professional merit. How is it anyway unclear that meinmyplace is first about photography and second about the female form?
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    I am stunned that Tumblr would say that meinmyplace should be under the erotica catagory. Is that a joke? Do these girls...
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    It’s not too racy, but...democracy? Frankly,...got too...
  14. blktights said: Women are God’s greatest creations. Your models appear to be of sound mind and body. In some fashion I’d consider your site “naturally erotic,” if that makes sense. Tumblr is keeping things safe on their end. Regardless, they can’t deny quality.
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    specifically was involved with MeInMyPlace because it is NOT porn/soft porn. Its about natural women enjoying their...
  17. livinforthesunshine said: it would be utterly offensive for your work to be placed in the erotica category. sure… some of the photos are daring and sexy (on the surface) but they collectively are telling a story, inspiring others, creating buzz, becoming revolutionary ART.
  18. apfsampaio said: hmmm, erotica? Not so sure… I think meinmyplace belongs in the photography directory. :)
  19. deleteyourself said: You’re posting naked chicks, obviously you should only be in the porn section. There are people who discover things in the directory at work.
  20. hidingincognito said: Could it be there are a lot of young Tumblrs who shouldn’t see nudes or “racy” photos? I love your pics, they are beautiful and full of elegance, but my personal opinion is they fall into the class of erotic art. I don’t think that is an insult.
  21. robosheep said: This is erotica; embrace it. The problem’s with porn/erotica won’t be solved by shunting it to the side but rather by taking it head on and showing that such things can be done in a manner that isn’t demeaning or misogynistic. This is good.
  22. cercandopertempo said: this is fine. yes, sexy, but artfully sexy and classy
  23. hannahnahnahnahnahnah said: Fashion is the most questionable. I prefer to see your models as icons of health (physical, mental, emotional) and inspiration rather than living mannequins. I would have to argue for erotica, too. No shame in it: we’re one hell of a sexy species.
  24. dappled-light said: Erotic? This is not pornographic in the slightest. It’s beautiful photography of beautiful women and their natural, beautiful bodies.
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